Spiti – A World in Itself


The blog is contributed by one of our readers Palak Checker who had recently visited Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, known for its surreal landscape, unparalleled tranquillity, and ample adventure activities. The blog takes us on a sojourn of somewhere extraordinary and indeed compels us to plan a trip as soon as possible.

Mountains are magical but at Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, there is something beyond magic. It was against the odds that I got the chance to visit this isolated land of old monasteries and scenic glaciers. It is a canvas that has been beautifully painted, and the outcome is flawless. The magnificent views make you spellbound. I have never seen such a place before. It is a world in itself and has no connection with the chaotic life of the cities. One sees an inconceivable beauty with every turn the road takes. Life surprises us every single minute.

The Charm of Spiti on a Full Moon Night

I kept my eyes wide open, trying to absorb all the positivity serenity and peace that the mountains had to offer. I was lucky to witness this delightful location in the Indian Himalayas on a full moon night, when the light strikes different angles of the mighty mountains and accentuates the alluring peaks. Geology of those prominent mountains was fascinating. The landscapes so easy on the eyes were so strenuous to conquer. There is something humbling about those mountains in Spiti. Maybe its their tall and grandiose appearance or the initial intimidation when one casts the eyes on them.

An Epic Journey to a Dreamland


Starting my ride from Reckong Peo to Kaza, along the banks of river Baspa, the ride was bumpy, conflicting the beguiling views. There was charm in every curve of the concrete paths. Be it Nako, Tabo, Dhankar, each place holds a different hypnotic beauty.

Kaza: An Exquisite Destination to Enjoy a Homestay

The little town of Kaza with a population of less than 900 people, treats you so well. The people are blessed to have been a part of that enchanting charm that the town holds. Staying at a homestay was another blissful thing that happened. They say that when travelling, stay up with the locals in Spiti and that holds true for a reason. You get to know the culture and lifestyle of Spiti and that indeed brings about a lot of changes in you as a person.

A Motorbike Sojourn to Remember

Hiring motorbike is the best thing that you can do in Kaza to explore the must-see travel destination in your way. They are easily available. My first stop on the wheels was the popular attraction of Spiti, Key Monastery. The kids playing in the premises, monks chanting their prayers, it was all music in satiation.

Then riding to Kibber, the views were enticing, including the CHICHAM bridge. When one looks down from the bridge, one realizes how tiny we are in this vast nature.

Langza had my heart. Despite the bone-chilling cold, the spellbinding pleasantness of the place and the Buddha statue occupied every corner of my heart. The last on the hike was Hikkim. I have been seeing this place for a long time on all the travelogues, but it appeared different to me in person. Just a small village, with such serenity and quietness with a harmonious concord that I had never seen before.

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