Dehradun Zoo Ranks 10th in the List of 181 Zoos in the World


Recently, a news about a zoo in India caught the attention of various Indian news houses when on 5th June, 2018, the famous social networking site, Facebook posted a list of 181 top zoos of the world on its official page and on the 10th position was The Malsi Deer Park or Dehradun Zoo in the state of Uttarakhand. The zoo secured this position on the basis of an analysis done by Facebook via its software, Likealyzer. Numerous zoos post their activities on the official page of Facebook and are assessed on the basis of the number of likes, shares and comments they get. Malsi Deer Park indeed added another badge to the gleaming city of Dehradun, which sits in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas and boasts numerous must-see attractions. Just an hour away from the top hill station of Mussoorie, Dehradun that houses this internationally acclaimed zoo, is also a popular travel destination with attractions like Robber’s Cave, Sahastradhara or Sulphur Springs or Dehradun Forest Research Institute. So while travelling to this city, now you know where to make your stops in order to get the best of this place. But what is so special about this Dehradun Zoo which is making its mark internationally? To find the answer, read further!

Dehradun Zoo: A Perfect Place for Animal Lovers


Dehradun Zoo has come a long way in the run and this ranking is well deserved. Earlier the place was called The Malsi Deer Park where very limited but beautiful species of deer were present. Gradually, the place started treating the injured or unwell rescued animals and today, this kids-friendly tourist spot has 350 different types of animals and birds like Barking deer, Spotted deer or Chital, Leopards, Crocodiles, four types of Tortoise, types of Parrots, types of Pheasant birds, Peacocks, Cockatiels birds, Love birds, Turkey, Emu, etc.
Apart from the birds and animals being the reason for the visits, the newly constructed fun park, aquarium and a 3D park, are also some of the tourist attractions of the zoo. In 2012, this must-see place was considered a mini zoo and in 2015 it was renamed as Dehradun Zoo.

The place has seen an immense increase in tourism over the years; according to the statistics, 2.10 lakh tourists visited in 2014-15, whereas 3.20 lakh visited in 2015-16, 4.30 lakh visited in 2016-17, and the graph went up with recording a visit from 6.50 lakh tourists in 2017-18.


Future Expansion Plans


PK Patra, Director, Dehradun Zoo said that they are planning to expand their zoo area from 5 hectares to 25 hectares by introducing an adventure park, Jurassic park, interpretation centre and bonsai park. Also addition of black bears, sloth bears, hyenas, foxes, jackals, wolves to the zoo family will be done soon.

This widely sprawling zoo is currently aiming towards adopting a wide range of animals which are definitely going to be a major tourist attraction. Although this place is already a hotspot for the tourists, with this addition and the expansion of the area will be a boon for the zoo authorities. Visiting these additional parks and witnessing the variety of wildlife should be the top things to do when you are travelling to Dehradun zoo.

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